Our Summer Show Schedule

Summer Schedule
Toast To The Ghost
Navajo Tufa Casting W/ Daniel Jim

Navajo Tufa Casting W/ Daniel Jim

Ceclia's Beautiful Quillworking Demonstrations

Cecelia's Beautiful Quillworking Demonstrations


Our pace is usually pretty relaxed up here.

You never can tell what character is going to stop in,

what artist may be here, or if it’s snowing!

Past Events


Summer 2018

Arthur Short Bull, artist-in-residence

July 1st-29th

Janice Black Elk-Jim & Daniel Jim

July 20th & 21st

Annual Piles of Pawn

July 4th-8th

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Daniel Jim, Navajo Tufa Casting; July 25th,


Cecelia Bull Bear; Lakotah Quillworking; Aug 4th & 5th,


Toast To The Ghost Tradition